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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I'm going to, or have missed, my team's scheduled time for photos?

That is the beauty of how we do things.  You can come to any other shoot we have in progress and have your photo taken.  You will still be slotted in right alongside the rest of your team and look like you were standing there with them.  We calibrate our equipment for every shoot so the lighting is exactly the same each time. We do however create a schedule for a reason!  It keeps things flowing smoothly and avoids lengthy line-ups.  If we have a whole team that shows up during another team's session, it will obviously slow things down. We know how long it takes to photograph each player and therefore how much time to allow to photograph each team.  Please stick to the schedule unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Also, the team that is scheduled in that slot will take priority.  Any additional players that arrive will need to wait for an opening to have their photo taken.  Please see our "Shoot Schedule" here: Current Shoot Schedule to decide the best time and location to go to.

How do we order?

We like to think of ourselves as "green".  Orders need to be placed and paid for on the day of the shoot but, there are no order forms to fill out!  You simply tell the cashier at the shoot what the name of your player is and what it is you would like to order.  They will enter it into our system and give you a receipt.  Please see our "Product Price Menu" to view the items we have available for purchase.

How will I receive the order I paid for?

In the summer time, the orders take a little bit longer as all leagues have about the same beginning and end dates.  We are photographing everyone at the same time and processing orders at the same time.  About 6-8 weeks after the last day of the shoot for your league, the orders will be delivered to the league.  Usually, the leagues choose to pass the photos on to coaches and you will then receive your order from your coach.  For specific expected delivery dates, please click here... mystudio Delivery Schedule

Will I automatically get a photo if I don't order anything?

Most leagues nowadays DO NOT include a cost for photos within your registration because they are trying to keep their registration costs as low as possible.  If your league HAS NOT included that cost within your registration, you will not receive a photo unless you purchase one.

Some leagues include a cost for photos withinin your registration.  If they have, you will automatically get that photo if you come to have your photo taken.  You must come to have your photo taken in order to get that photo.

To find out if you will automatically receive a photo, ask our cashier at the time of the shoot or consult with your league's executive.

How does the whole thing work?

  • the league will provide us with rosters
  • from those rosters, we will prepare barcodes for every player and coach for distribution and use on the day of the shoot so we know who's who
  • the information on the card is EXACTLY as it will appear on any items ordered (the cashier needs to be notified if a change needs to be made)
  • the photographer will need the bar code card when taking the individual's photo
  • staff will be on site that day to assist parents with orders
  • there are NO order forms to be filled out...
  • everything is done electronically on site
  • to expedite the process, on-line ordering or proofs are NOT services we provide
  • we choose the best image of each player
  • orders must be placed and paid for on the day of the shoot so that we can process the orders, and return the photos to you quickly

What methods of payment are accepted?

• we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard or Debit...
• taxes are included in the prices shown within the "Product Price Menu"
• we will have hard copies of the "Product Price Menu" available for viewing on the day of the shoot as well
• parents simply tell the cashier what items they would like to order and the cashier will provide them with a receipt
• if ordering trader cards, the parent or player will need to provide the cashier with the following information: 
position, age, height, birthdate and hometown

Are we able to view the photos before making our purchase?/Do we get proofs?

At this time, we do not provide proofs.   Our, "no proof policy", is more like a limitation for us rather than a policy.  There are many reasons we don't provide proofs and have listed a few below.

The proof issue arises all of the time and, we have put a lot of time and effort into trying to come up with a solution to which we have found none.  Believe me, I would much rather show the photos I'm taking because, I am positive I would actually sell more.  The choice to avoid proofs is not a sales tactic to sell bad photos, nor is it a sales tactic that has been handed down from head office.  I am head office.  There are two of us in the office and we need to keep things streamlined so as to deliver photos on a short deadline.  There is no I.T. department, no sales department and, no customer service department.  The two of us are all things to all people.  We photograph approximately 5000 players and coaches during the summer season alone and have a very long list of steps to take as it is because of the style of photographs we provide. 

For the convenience of our parents, players and coaches, I have come up with this system.  There is no need to wait for the entire team to show up for the purpose of taking the team photo and, it is a good photo of everyone.  Nobody is looking off, has their eyes closed, or is suffering from a litany of other issues that can arise while trying to photograph a group of 10 to 15 people or more at once. This system also allows us to shoot rain or shine, and eliminates the need to reschedule, but, is the same system that requires so much of our time after the shoot to complete.  To me, it's worth every minute given the product that you receive in the end.  Since we only take individual photos, and "Photoshop" them together to make the team photo, all participants are able to pretty much show up when it's convenient for them.  We do however create a schedule to keep things flowing smoothly and avoid lengthy line-ups.  I can only photograph so many people within a certain period of time.

The samples you see on our table at the shoot are ALL my work.  They are not our greatest hits and they are most definitely not a sample sent from a "head office" taken by someone else.  The photos you will receive look exactly like what you saw on the sample table with the exception of the background which I am constantly changing to keep things fresh.

When you hear the words, "volume photography", you probably think of photos done by someone who doesn't care and doesn't take the time to get a good photograph of the children.  I have been a wedding and portrait photographer for almost 20 years and got into doing the sports photographs having been tired of seeing the quality of photos a lot of sports companies were providing.  I give my all to get a good photograph of each child.  It is a rare exception when I am unable to get a young child to smile but it does happen.  Even if they don't smile, it's usually a cute photo. 

We're quite often shooting within a very small space.  There is barely enough room in the space we have, to contain players and coaches waiting to have their photo taken as well as parents wishing to purchase photos.  There is nowhere near enough room to have a viewing station.  Not only would a viewing station take up room but, it would require extra staff which would in turn, increase the cost of the photos.  I like to have the staff to make the shoot go smoothly rather than having extra staff to assist parents in choosing their favourite photos.  Even if we just put the photos I was taking up on a screen to view, not choose, most parents would feel they should be given the choice of the photo they want.  That would leave us with a lot of work after the shoot to make sure we marked the photos that were chosen, so we could be the ones to then choose the photos for players where nobody made a choice.  We would also need expensive equipment for which to view, again, increasing the costs.

The next option we have considered and actually tested, was providing hard copy proofs.  We shot the "test league", printed the proofs, and gave them out to parents in the hopes that they would return them by the date specified.  We received some of those proofs within the specified time but, 20% of those proofs were returned late and another 25% were never returned, only to hear from a few of those parents after the team photos were handed out to say that they didn't get the chance to make their choice.  They then wished to place their order.  I was the sole operator for the business at that time and was absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of time these phone calls, emails and separate orders took to process.  Hiring additional office staff to take care of these orders is not something that is feasible given the price point of the photos.  I was only shooting that one league that summer and can't even imagine what that would have done to my available time had I been shooting the number of leagues I currently shoot in a summer.

Now we have the online proof option.  It's a lot like the hard copy proof option.  I have a very limited time to return these orders and, our process takes a lot longer than traditional photographs.  Not only would we have similar issues but, we would also need an I.T. department to assist those that either need help navigating the site or, simply have questions regarding the products.  Doing the orders at the shoot allows our staff to do double duty and assist parents with any questions they may have about what they may like to order.  Also, if we were to provide proofs via email for those who requested it after the shoot, we would not only have most parents doing the same thing but, would not have the time to actually process the orders.

If I have more than one child, and therefore multiple times for their team photos, do I need to come back multiple times to have their photos taken?

The answer is... not really. Players can be photographed during their sibling's team's time slot BUT, DO NOT bring them to the youngest player's team's scheduled time.  They will be turned away.  The younger children take longer to photograph. If we have to add just one sibling for each of the players on a team, this will of course double the time it takes to photograph that team putting the whole schedule behind.  Siblings can all be brought to the oldest child's team's session because we usually have more time for them.  Also, any players arriving to be photographed when it is not their team's scheduled time slot will need to wait for an opening to have their photo taken.  The team scheduled usually has a game to get to and there is only enough time to photograph their team members.